January's Long List of "To Do's"

We all use the month of January to focus on the year ahead. Start anew. Whether it is trying a new exercise regime or the resolve to watch less Netflix and read more books, we all have a long list of projects to tackle. Later this month on my blog, we are going to tackle your closet with the Neat Method, a home organizing company! There's nothing better than a closet cleanse! You will probably laugh a bit, have a few "oh my gosh, I've been looking for that!" moments, and it will also be a great opportunity to put together some new looks with your existing wardrobe. I say start off 2017 with a bit of de-cluttering and organization - you will be amazed how much lighter you will feel! Look for this blog in the coming weeks. 

When I work the Neat Method and help my client's create new looks or talk about what is missing in their wardrobe, I want to look put together but also be comfortable. About a month ago, I posted a pic on Insta of my new "mom" jeans. I seriously can't believe I once again fell in love with these Levi's I wore over 20 years ago. The long velvet blazer is from Zara and can be dressed up or down--a great versatile piece in my closet. And I love these Gucci pumps! The bow is super cute and they are beyond comfortable (no joke)! Finally, a bracelet and earrings by one of my faves, Ward Vintage.