Christmas Chaos

We are that crazy family with the tree on top of our car before the last bit of Thanksgiving left overs are eaten. My family loves the holiday season and everything that goes along with it. I admit there are arguments and some swearing (usually over the lights - my husband).  Then you have the crazies...the ones who stalk you in the parking lot at the mall or the ones who give you the hand gesture (you know which one I mean) because you are taking too long to pull out of the coveted parking spot. But putting all of that aside- I love this time of year. The decorations around the house, the smell of the tree, and our big family Christmas Eve celebration. I guess it's all about balance....or planning ahead....or online shopping? Honestly, I'm starting to get embarrassed by how often UPS stops at my house! In the end I try to take deep breaths and enjoy the chaos and even the shopping (well, I actually do love it!), because the look of delight when someone opens the perfect gift - well it makes it all worth it!

I borrowed this cute Christmas tree from Cooper's room. All of my girls have little trees in their rooms, something we started doing a few years ago. They love the lights when they go to bed at night. I chose this outfit for the blog, because I wanted to show how to mix casual with dressy. Sometimes you need an "in-between look". Whether it is for a lunch, a meeting or get together - you don't want to be too dressed up, but you also don't want to show up in your work out clothes (however tempting that is). I have had these "boyfriend jeans"  from the Gap for a while now. They are super comfy and hang loose (bonus for making you feel skinny!) and I paired them with my new fave top from Aritzia. And finally the perfect accessories to complete the look - an amazing black tote from August Designs (meganwschroeder, a gold cuff from Posh Shop, and black velvet pumps with sparkly detail - yes, I am fully channeling my junior prom night with these shoes, but I love them! Here's to Holiday Spirit, deep breaths and no jerks in the mall parking lot!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Makeup by Beauty on Location