New Year's Ready!

New Year's Eve in the North East is almost always freezing. Long gone are the days of me running around NYC in my short cocktail dress, trying to find a cab home and freezing my fanny off (and not caring)! However fun that may have been, I am happy now to be invited to a local party, with easier and more reliable transportation and a more practical (warmer) outfit.

I found this perfect New Year's Eve look at The Diamond Dream in Bernardsville. This black Rachel Comey jumpsuit is super chic, comfortable and warm(er) than other options in my closet. The neckline is so pretty and perfect for this dainty necklace from Willow St. And the only other thing you need for this simple, yet sophisticated look is a pair of black open toe heels! Here's to a happy, healthy and bright New Year! I hope you have a fantastic celebration wherever you are! See you in 2017. xo

All Blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Makeup by Beauty On Location