Barbies out the Ying Yang!

As a mom of 3 girls, my life is chaotic, drama-filled and overflowing with Barbies. It is shocking how many Barbies a family can accumulate over a 15 year span. I counted once and I am too embarrassed to share the number, but let's just say it's well over 30. I will probably be a little sad when my youngest stops playing with them, but overall, I am ready to say goodbye to the tiny mismatched shoes (how quickly we lose one of them), the clothing and accessories that clutter my playroom and hurt my feet when I step on a tiny tiara (quite often).

My day is usually scheduled down to the minute. Maybe I am an overachiever? Or maybe I say yes to too many things? (answer: probably both). The point is that I find myself cleaning, making beds and loading the dishwasher in anything from PJ's to a dress and heels. When you have 30 minutes to clean up - there is no time to put on your "clean up" clothes - if there even is such a thing. I'm not usually a pattern person, but I love this Topshop dress from Nordstrom. It's super cute, but not too "young" when paired with a Free People leather jacket. I wanted to add a pop of color to this mostly black look and found these Banana Republic blue suede heels on super sale! The bow on the back is such a fun detail (in store only)! Jewelry - simple gold hoops from Henri Bendel (similar) and stacked bracelets: Hermes, Jcrew and Henri Bendel (in store only). You are ready to do anything in this look - clean the house or go to lunch with friends (or both)!