Fun and different hostess gifts!

This time of year is filled with many social events...cocktail and dinner parties, BBQ's, birthday parties...the list goes on! So, you not only need several outfits, but you also need hostess gifts! Most of us just grab a bottle of wine as we run out the door (one that was probably given to us when we hosted a dinner party!). So, why not step outside the box and give a different and unique hostess gift?

I went on two of my favorite websites: and (who doesn't love quick delivery?) and found so many great gifts! My favorite is the Orbit key often do you misplace your keys? Other great finds include: table book, lipstick mug, hand cream, turkish hand towels, avacado slicer, fun magnets and post it notes! All of these items can also be paired with a nice candle and/or a bottle of wine!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography