BBQ's & Rosé!

It's officially Summer on June 21st and you know what that means!?!? BBQ's and fun Summer cocktails! Rosé is a very popular choice for a Summer drink, but I thought why not spice it up??! I love this recipe because it is not only SUPER easy, but it uses fresh fruit too, which is yummy and makes the cocktail pretty. And I also found a great BBQ look - so you will be set from head to toe with a cocktail in just have to figure out what to cook!

White jeans are a Summer staple. Every girl needs a pair. I actually stole these from my daughter. I only had to cut the length a little bit (she towers over me!)...and they are from Abercrombie & Fitch - so a great price point! I layered a white tank underneath my denim shirt, to give me the option of taking of the denim shirt, if it's a hot day! These amazing platform sandals are from Perch Denver/Perch Vail and are SO comfortable! They are like wearing a heel, but you can run around in them while hosting your BBQ! The gorgeous accessories are also from Perch Denver/Perch Vail: Rosé All Day clutch, beach bag, and stacked beaded bracelets.  All must-haves for Summer! Enjoy your BBQ!

Recipe: Rosé Cocktail

Ingredients: Rosé, Blackberries, Strawberries, Kiwi, ice,

Directions (so easy!): Rinse fruit, chop strawberries into quarters, slice kiwi. Evenly disperse fruit into glasses (I used mason jars), top with ice. Pour Rosé over ice and swirl with a straw!