The Perfect "Mom" Look!

I remember running down 7th Avenue in heels. I was probably late for work or trying to fit in a quick shopping spree during my 1 hour lunch break. I ran in those heels like they were the most comfortable Nikes out there! Two decades later, 3 kids, and a move to the 'burbs, I don't find myself running (except at Orange Theory) or wearing heels that often. This makes me sad (sometimes)! Heels are saved for dinners out, cocktail parties, and other suburban events. So, as a fashion lover and mom, I am constantly looking for fun, fashion forward looks. Looks that can be worn to lunch or to the grocery store and perfect for that sprint to the exit of Target as your toddler waddles out of the store into a busy parking lot!

A few of these items are on repeat from previous blogs, but I had to put them together because they form the perfect casual look (that doesn't involve work out clothes)!

Jeans: Aritzia, Military - inspired jacket: Shop Bop, Sneakers: Tretorn, Clutch: Cofi Leathers/Perch Denver

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Hair & Makeup by Bloom in Morristown