Back To School - Part 1 (stay tuned for another look)

I remember going back to school shopping when I was little and LOVING it! But things were easier back then. There was less to choose from and clothes seemed to cover more of your body- making the experience for parent and child much better! I am a mom of 3 girls...ages 15, 13 and 9. They all have different personalities and different styles. I find it hard shopping with them sometimes. On one hand, I want them to express themselves in what they wear, but on the other hand I want them to be dressed appropriately! I am sure most of you out there can relate! So, I set out to find a few great back to school looks that not only made my kiddos happy, but were mom (and dad) approved!

Back to School_1850.jpg

On my shopping trip, I found SO MANY amazing things!!! For my youngest, I found a super cute striped top from Crewcuts, overall dress from Nordstrom, Converse sneaks and an awesome backpack (in store only) from Crewcuts. I love this backpack. Good chance, she will never lose it (you could probably find it in the dark!). And for her hair, a simple top braid and gorgeous curls, courtesy of Blowout Morristown!

Back to School_1824.jpg

For Cooper, my very soon-to-be 8th grader, I chose a denim skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch (a great length), a The Who tee (I've already borrowed it), a Zara trench, Nordstrom booties and velvet backpack. And her hair!! Can we talk about this amazing braid by Blowout Morristown - a super neat and cool style for back to school! 

Back to School_1810.jpg
Back to School_1811.jpg

Finally, my oldest! A 15 year old girl....a teenager. Probably the most difficult person out there to shop for! But I am happy to report that I found a few awesome pieces, including this great dress from Abercrombie & Fitch paired with a Jcrew denim jacketVince Camuto booties , and a Pacsun backpack. Mom and daughter are equally happy! Blowout Morristown kept her hair simple with soft waves. So pretty and easy to do!

Back to School_1881.jpg

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Hair & Makeup by Blowout Morristown