Leather Makes Everything Better!

I love everything that is leather! Leather jackets, leather leggings, leather tops...even leather chairs! LOL. And it can even be faux leather - why not save some money?!? So, this season, I went on the hunt for a new leather skirt. I knew I wanted a black one and it had to be a little bit different. Oh, and did I hit the jackpot!!!

oversized sweater and leather skirt_0130.jpg

What is so fabulous about this look, is that everything (except the accessories) is from Zara! This cozy oversized sweater is actually my 15 year old daughters! It's such a bonus to be able to share clothes (less guilt during the purchase!). The bow on the back is such a sweet detail and this sweater works with anything from jeans and trousers to skirts! Can you believe this skirt was only $50??!!  Even though it is faux leather, it looks super rich and the belt gives it an edgy feel. The shoes, also from Zara, are so dainty and feminine! I love how they contrast with the skirt. Bag: YSL (my new and fave). Earrings: Anthropologie. Ear Cuff: Zoe Lev. The ear cuff was a birthday gift from my bestie and I love it!!! Maybe I am still young enough to be cool??!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Hair & Makeup by Bloom Morristown