Momma & her Coffee!

I didn't always like coffee. I actually made it through high school and college without drinking any! Hard to believe, isn't it? When my first daughter was born, I knew I needed something to keep my eyelids open! That is when I became a coffee convert. I started out with the sweetest, least coffee-tasting drink. As my kids multiplied (I have 3 now), my coffee drinks changed. I needed the real deal! Isn't it funny how our tastes and habits change as we get older? However, one thing that I have tried to keep consistent over the years is getting dressed for the day....meaning getting out of my workout clothes! It definitely isn't always easy, but when I can make it happen, I feel great!! The secret is finding simple and easy looks that take no time to throw on.


What's easier than a pair of jeans and a summer top? Um...nothing! These Mother jeans fit like a glove and they are the first pair of cropped flare jeans that I believe would be flattering on most women! Let's be's not an easy trend! I am in love with Rebecca Taylor's spring collection. This top is so pretty and feminine and I know I will wear to death! Accessories: Veronica Beard heels (they seriously go with everything) and my Louis Vuitton tote (an oldie, but a goodie)!