Another way to wear overalls!

I have been obsessed with overalls for about two years now. The last time I wore overalls was in college (late 90's), but the look was much different then! It was a body suit, over-sized Gap overalls, and Doc Maartens. Who's with me? Isn't it funny how it all comes back? However, considering I am 20+ years out of college, my "take" on denim overalls has definitely changed! 

Swiss Chalet_1203.jpg

I am happy to report that Madewell (as well as other brands) have overalls very similar to the ones that I am wearing. I have worn mine with heels, flip flops, a blazer, and today I decided to wear the shirt over the overalls! I know...seems kind of strange, BUT it turns the overalls into the cutest pair of jeans! Only problem - the bathroom. It takes a bit longer. LOL. I found this very flattering pink wrap shirt at Madewell. I LOVE the color! Accessories: my favorite new pair of sling backs from Shop Bop and my Louis Vuitton tote. And, I have to mention that this photo was taken in the Swiss Chalet in Morristown. It was so hard not to buy every sweet in the case!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Makeup by Kristina Kicak