Holiday Lists, Crowded Stores and Wine...lots of wine

So, how are you going to survive the next couple of weeks? (Besides with a glass of wine or two?) The time between Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and Christmas is way too short. Literally a blink of an eye. Between getting your holiday cards in the mail (oh, and the damn holiday photo where one of your kids is crying, eyes are shut or their clothes are dirty within first 5 minutes) to, parents, in-laws, husbands, wives, grandparents, teachers...oh my! Are you stressed out yet? Rocking yourself to a safe, happy place? Well, take a deep breath and call me! I am happy to help you with all your holiday madness (minus the holiday card...I have my own to deal with!)

You all may be surprised to see me in a color and not my usual neutral palette! But, when I was out shopping for Christmas gifts, I saw this beautiful blue dress from Anthropologie and I had to have it! It's always nice to imagine myself being whisked away the day after Christmas...after all the chaos, eating and a warm, tropical place where I can wear this dress with my feet in the sand! The dainty gold strap on the dress is my favorite detail and by adding amazing accessories like these gold earrings from Anthropologie, gold cuff from Posh Shop, and beautiful pink clutch from August Designs ( - this look is simple and elegant! And yes, I'm wrapping gifts while wearing a fantastic dress...because I'm a mom and an amazing at multi-tasker! Here's to hoping that one of you will be whisked away come December 26th!