3 Girls and their clothes...

I decided to feature my 3 girls on today's blog. Shopping for girl's clothes, especially pre-teen isn't easy. I think the biggest struggle is finding the middle ground between looking too young and for lack of a better word, slutty! And all of my girls have different personalities. Whether it's clothing, movies or activities - they like to dress differently from one another. I hit the ground running and found some amazing looks (which all 3 loved - phew!) at great prices. Here's to making your teenage clothing shopping experience quick and painless!

My 8 year old loves anything with a pattern - often head to toe (this comes with a lot of compromise!). However, the plaid top from Zara and cheetah booties from Target work perfectly together when paired with the super comfy and plain black pants from Zara. The final piece - a fur vest with a hood! She is on the phone (Posh Shop) with Santa making sure he received her (long) list! Cooper is 12. She's like me - she dresses in a lot of neutral tones, but always adds a pop of color with an accessory. And her clothes have to be comfortable. The sweatshirt from Crewcuts is cozy and works well with the gray ripped jeans from American Eagle. Adidas Stan Smiths are a must, and my fave piece of this look is the pink bomber jacket by Top Shop (pictured below). After 10 years in a uniform, my high schooler is thrilled to have some fashion freedom when dressing for school. Walking between buildings to go to class, she always has to be ready for any kind of weather. The "duck boot" (wish I had saved mine from high school) from Sperry is great for rain or snow - Winter is coming! She loves any jean with a stretch and I loved these from American Eagle with the rips on the knees. A long cream sweater also from American Eagle and a classic waxed jacket from JCrew and my 14 year looks grown up but also age appropriate. (so mom and kid are happy!)

All photography on blog by Monika de Myer Photography

Makeup by Beauty On Location