Layering at it's BEST!

Layering is a key element to making your wardrobe work in multiple seasons. I don't want to only wear my leather jacket or black romper in the Spring and Fall. I want to make them work even when it is a bit (well a lot) colder outside, and you can do this with a great fur. This look is perfect for date night at Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen, which is one of me and my hubby's go-to's  (when we can find the time to go out!).

I was in Savannah, GA over the holidays when I found this awesome black romper at Urban Outfitters. I was a bit surprised, since most of the shopping I do in that store is for my 12 and 14 year old girls! Hence, I was feeling pretty good (and young-er) with this find! I decided to pair it with one of my fave black leather jackets instead of a blazer and a gorgeous fur coat from Giorgio Pappas Furs. If you haven't been to his website or store in either New Vernon, NJ or NYC, you need to go. Giorgio has the most beautiful pieces out there and he is a total sweetheart!....and this Winter will be the perfect time to bundle up and look chic doing it! Last open toe heels (maybe a bit aggressive with the weather!), a Louis Vuitton bag and the super cool LOVE necklace I received a year ago (link is similar). So, layer up friends!