Vintage Red Schwinn

So, my favorite gift that I received for Christmas this year was my mom's 1970's red Schwinn beach cruiser. I've been wanting to buy a bike for the past few's a perfect mode of transportation when you live in Morristown and parking isn't always easy! I know Winter isn't the best time to break in my new gift, but I had to give it a test drive before the snow comes! Now, all I need is a basket!

I found out pretty quickly that riding a bike in heels isn't that easy! Thankfully, I didn't hurt myself (body or ego). Since the holidays aren't that far behind us, this Aqua green sequin bomber jacket (yup, I'm wearing color) is still spot on. You can only have one sparkly piece in a look ( jennie-ism), so I paired it with a plaid flannel button down from Madewell and awesome Mother black ripped jeans. Finally, a pair of velvet black pumps, because they go with just about everything (except, maybe bike riding!).

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Makeup by Beauty on Location

Hair by Katy at Bloom Morristown