The Perfect Men's Gift - JORD Watch

Who is done with their holiday shopping?? I'm not! I have so many people to shop for this holiday season and my husband is definitely the most difficult person! Can any of you relate? Most of the things he wants or needs, he just buys himself, leaving me with no gift ideas! The past few Christmases we didn't even exchange presents. And, I'm super bummed about that (my list is long LOL)! So this year I decided to surprise him with a JORD watch. He loved the one that I bought in the Fall, so I knew it would be a perfect gift! I love the entire JORD watch collection so much that I decided to buy my father and father in law a watch too! 

JORD men's watch_0658.jpg

What is so fabulous about this JORD watch is that it is totally different from any other watches my husband owns. It is made of wood and truly looks like a piece of art! He can wear this watch every day to work, and even to a dinner party - it's super versatile. Since there are so many styles to choose from at JORD watches, you can shop for anyone from your husband to your friend! AND it's your lucky day, because you have a chance to ENTER TO WIN a $25 off coupon for your very own JORD watch! Contest ends December 19th. Oh, and one last thing, I plan on borrowing his watch all the time! There is nothing better than an oversized watch on a lady (see photo below....LOL). 

JORD men's watch_0659.jpg

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography