(Cute) Gym Hair!

I try to work out a couple days a week and I have accrued some really cute work out clothes over the past few years. There are so many great choices out there! However, one thing that I always struggle with is what to do with my hair when I work out! My go-to is a pony tail (boring!), but I find my hair slipping out as I'm running and panting on the treadmill. And then add in the fact that I am growing out my bangs, and well, I'm a sweaty mess! So, I decided to collaborate with the very talented Katy from Bloom Morristown and share with you a great "work out hair" look and how to do it (step by step)!

Easy steps from Katy:

One thing I love to do is use dry shampoo BEFORE I work out as well as afterwards. Kerastase’s powder bluff is an instant style refresher absorbing oils for lasting blow dries. Finding a dry shampoo that doesn’t have a white residue is hard to find- thank you Kerastase!

Do a zig zag part in the back of the head and it doesn’t have to be perfect...
1. Starting on one side of the head do a 3 strand UNDERhand braid (practice a regular 3 strand that most of us know, but try to remember to go under instead of over - the final outcome looks so much more appealing! )
2. Repeat on opposite side.
3. Marry the two sections and do a ponytail.

And just like that you have cute work out hair that stays in place! Head to Bloom Morristown for great hair products, including Keratase and ask for Katy - she is a true talent!