NBR - Natural Beaded Row Extensions

I have been trying to grow my hair long for the past 10 years. I kid you not! I adore my 3 kids, but I have to admit, they RUINED my hair. Ever since pregnancy and birth, my hair has never been then same. No matter what vitamin I take, or shampoo I use, my hair grows to a certain point and then STOPS. Don't we all dream about having long and thick hair that we can throw up in a messy bun or put in a side braid? Well, I do!! I have been going to Katy at Bloom in Morristown for over 5 years and she is truly THE BEST! (She listens to my constant complaining about the length of my hair...and puts up with it!) So, when she told me she was going out to LA for a course on NBR - Natural Beaded Row Extensions, I immediately jumped on board, and was so excited to try it out!

FINALLY! Get the most natural, light weight & comfortable extensions you’ve ever had. Natural Beaded Rows was founded by the queen Danielle K, White herself. After struggling to find the perfect hair method for her own hair, 15 years later she’s sharing her knowledge!

Here are some details on the product and salon experience:

1) There is NO Glue or Tape involved so the removal process is quick and simple! 

2) For those of you that have gotten extensions done in the past, with NBR you’ll be in and our of the salon in 3 hours.

3) NBR Hair Extensions do less damage, hide better and won’t slip out!

4) The technique is 100% unique and crafted from years of experience and diligent searching to find the most exclusive and best extension method on the market.

5) Minimal contact means less damage.

6) Beads are the only thing attached do your hair which are threaded on and balanced with a strong cotton string.

7) The wefts are customized to your hair texture & hair color to give the most seamless blend.


1) Refreshen & tighten every 6-8 weeks according to your hair texture.

2) Hair investment lasts 6 months then after that time period new hair must be purchased. 

3) Shampoo your hair with sulfate free shampoo.

4) Wet brush will be your new best friend (great for any tangles)!

5) Braid or low ponytail while you sleep. 

Get the hair you have always dreamed of! Follow @katykavhair for the link to apply 

So, NBR extensions are AMAZING! The color of the hair perfectly matched my own, and is truly light as a feather! And the best thing about this product (besides having long and gorgeous locks) is that it won't damage my own hair!!! Contact Katy at Bloom Morristown to make your appointment (973-292-3377)!!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Hair by Katy at Bloom Morristown

Makeup by Aline at Bloom Morristown

Beach Hair

I have to admit that I struggle with my hair most of the Summer. Between the humidity and the beach, my hair becomes a frizzy mess... My husband makes fun of me for not putting my head underwater, but I come out looking more like cousin It than Gisele...the struggle is real! So, once again, I called upon my hair styling guru - Katy at Bloom Morristown. I asked her to show me an easy and cute hair style that will keep my locks in check during the next couple of months!

Product To Use:
Elixir Ultime Original Oil
This is one of Katy's favorite oils . It adds 71% more shine than hairs natural state, delivers deep conditioning in the sun as well as 24 hours anti-humidity protection. The sun can reek havoc on our hair, causing it to become very dry and even cause breakage. Elixir helps restore the hair fiber as well as faster drying time!!!

Vacation Hair Instructions:

1. Start on the one side of your head doing a 3 strand UNDERhand braid (practice a regular 3 strand that most of us know, but try to remember to go under instead of over the final outcome looks so much more appealing! )
2. Once reaching opposite side tie with an elastic into a low pony tail.
3. Use the elixir oil (making dry ends look healthy) and do a fishtail braid using only 2 STRANDS.
4. Keep feeding front from back side to opposite side.
(Hint: keep your sections small to make look more intricate)
5. Add a fabulous fedora!

How to make your Blow-Out last 3 days!

Doesn't every woman want to know the answer to this questions??? I love getting my hair blown out and I want it (need it!) to last for a few days - it's one less thing to worry about (or take time to do!). So, I asked Katy at Bloom (she's the BEST) to give us step by step instructions on 3 hair looks (and products) to make our blow outs last --woohoo!

Day 1 Hair:

Cleanse- Aura Botanica is gentle yet effective with a sulfate free formula leaving hair feeling soft & free from any impurities.

Treat- Aura Botanica Soin Fundamental conditioner melts into the hair fiber for deep nutrition & frizz control

Root - R&Co Dollas thickening spray for light weight lift alongside Aloe leaf extract & ginger root extract to seal in moisture, protect, smooth and nourish the hair

Mid shaft to ends - Kerastase Ciment thermique protection from UV, & any hot tools up to 450 degrees with amazing fresh clean scent.

Day 2 Hair (Make Waves):

Use an 1 1/4 Curling iron - wrap hair around barrel leaving the last inch out to give a softer lived in curl look.

Let the whole head cool first then spray VIP powered for texture & volume. 

VIP Powder- If hairspray & dry shampoo made a baby, meet Kerastase’s VIP Powder. Leaving no white residue, VIP Powder can reshape, hold, and INSTANTLY provide body, volume & grip.

Day 3 Hair (Pony tail):

1. Section hair from ear to ear & clipping away for neatness & separation

2. Grab the hair behind the sections into a regular ponytail 

3. Tease top of the head for volume 

4. Take right side and twist AWAY from the face & wrap around pony tail , secure with hair pin 

* repeat on the left side.

Day 4 Hair (Treatment Day/Bun Day):

Using a spoon full of masque conditioner on dry hair ( yes dry hair ) 

1. Comb with a wide tooth comb all over hair concentrating more on mid shaft to ends 

2. Gather into ponytail secure and do 3 strand regular braid 

3. Wrap braid around and hair pin into a cute top knot! 

Masques are great for doing at least once a week to keep your hair nourished as well as preventing breakage & color fading.

(Cute) Gym Hair!

I try to work out a couple days a week and I have accrued some really cute work out clothes over the past few years. There are so many great choices out there! However, one thing that I always struggle with is what to do with my hair when I work out! My go-to is a pony tail (boring!), but I find my hair slipping out as I'm running and panting on the treadmill. And then add in the fact that I am growing out my bangs, and well, I'm a sweaty mess! So, I decided to collaborate with the very talented Katy from Bloom Morristown and share with you a great "work out hair" look and how to do it (step by step)!

Easy steps from Katy:

One thing I love to do is use dry shampoo BEFORE I work out as well as afterwards. Kerastase’s powder bluff is an instant style refresher absorbing oils for lasting blow dries. Finding a dry shampoo that doesn’t have a white residue is hard to find- thank you Kerastase!

Do a zig zag part in the back of the head and it doesn’t have to be perfect...
1. Starting on one side of the head do a 3 strand UNDERhand braid (practice a regular 3 strand that most of us know, but try to remember to go under instead of over - the final outcome looks so much more appealing! )
2. Repeat on opposite side.
3. Marry the two sections and do a ponytail.

And just like that you have cute work out hair that stays in place! Head to Bloom Morristown for great hair products, including Keratase and ask for Katy - she is a true talent!

Bloom Morristown!

When my family and I moved to Morristown from NYC, I was so happy to find Bloom Salon & Spa! Bloom is a New York City-caliber, full service salon and Spa with incredibly talented artists. Bloom has taken care of my entire family - from blow outs and high-lights to my kid's and hubbies hair cuts, they are incredible at what they do and could not come more highly recommended.  So, when I needed a few different hair looks for a photoshoot I called Bloom immediately!  

Traveling Ladies_0713.jpg

As a mom of 3, I am always looking for new and fun hair styles that are quick and easy (outside of the ponytail)! Bloom gave me 3 great and easy ideas! Side braid, top bun and messy pony....and stay tuned for more hair looks/solutions in the near future. I am partnering with them again to bring you more user -friendly hair tricks/styles!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Hair by Katy at Bloom Morristown

Makeup by Blowout Morristown