How to make your Blow-Out last 3 days!

Doesn't every woman want to know the answer to this questions??? I love getting my hair blown out and I want it (need it!) to last for a few days - it's one less thing to worry about (or take time to do!). So, I asked Katy at Bloom (she's the BEST) to give us step by step instructions on 3 hair looks (and products) to make our blow outs last --woohoo!

Day 1 Hair:

Cleanse- Aura Botanica is gentle yet effective with a sulfate free formula leaving hair feeling soft & free from any impurities.

Treat- Aura Botanica Soin Fundamental conditioner melts into the hair fiber for deep nutrition & frizz control

Root - R&Co Dollas thickening spray for light weight lift alongside Aloe leaf extract & ginger root extract to seal in moisture, protect, smooth and nourish the hair

Mid shaft to ends - Kerastase Ciment thermique protection from UV, & any hot tools up to 450 degrees with amazing fresh clean scent.

Day 2 Hair (Make Waves):

Use an 1 1/4 Curling iron - wrap hair around barrel leaving the last inch out to give a softer lived in curl look.

Let the whole head cool first then spray VIP powered for texture & volume. 

VIP Powder- If hairspray & dry shampoo made a baby, meet Kerastaseโ€™s VIP Powder. Leaving no white residue, VIP Powder can reshape, hold, and INSTANTLY provide body, volume & grip.

Day 3 Hair (Pony tail):

1. Section hair from ear to ear & clipping away for neatness & separation

2. Grab the hair behind the sections into a regular ponytail 

3. Tease top of the head for volume 

4. Take right side and twist AWAY from the face & wrap around pony tail , secure with hair pin 

* repeat on the left side.

Day 4 Hair (Treatment Day/Bun Day):

Using a spoon full of masque conditioner on dry hair ( yes dry hair ) 

1. Comb with a wide tooth comb all over hair concentrating more on mid shaft to ends 

2. Gather into ponytail secure and do 3 strand regular braid 

3. Wrap braid around and hair pin into a cute top knot! 

Masques are great for doing at least once a week to keep your hair nourished as well as preventing breakage & color fading.