Dressing up your Denim Skirt!

I love dressing up a casual look. Most of us designate items in our wardrobe as "casual", "dressy" or "save that for date night". I call that missed opportunities! There is nothing better and more unexpected that mashing up the two....a crazy gray area where a denim skirt and a blazer meet up! (and look fabulous!)

Vintage Levis in any form is on trend right now....mom jeans, jean shorts, and of course denim skirts! I found this skirt at Aritzia and I knew I had to have it for Spring/Summer. I am mindful of skirt length at the age of almost 43, so I went up two sizes to make sure it was "appropriate" (spoken like my 15 year old- who by the way is dying to borrow the skirt!). I paired it with my fave new Athleta tissue cotton tank top (have one in every color) and this cute ivory ruffle crop Top Shop blazer from Nordstrom. I LOVE this blazer. It can be paired with anything from a linen dress to black pants or jeans and a cute top.  You will wear the heck out of it -- I promise! Finally, accessories: wrap suede sandals from Jcrew and jewelry by my new fave, Summer Love Designs!