Beach Hair

I have to admit that I struggle with my hair most of the Summer. Between the humidity and the beach, my hair becomes a frizzy mess... My husband makes fun of me for not putting my head underwater, but I come out looking more like cousin It than Gisele...the struggle is real! So, once again, I called upon my hair styling guru - Katy at Bloom Morristown. I asked her to show me an easy and cute hair style that will keep my locks in check during the next couple of months!

Product To Use:
Elixir Ultime Original Oil
This is one of Katy's favorite oils . It adds 71% more shine than hairs natural state, delivers deep conditioning in the sun as well as 24 hours anti-humidity protection. The sun can reek havoc on our hair, causing it to become very dry and even cause breakage. Elixir helps restore the hair fiber as well as faster drying time!!!

Vacation Hair Instructions:

1. Start on the one side of your head doing a 3 strand UNDERhand braid (practice a regular 3 strand that most of us know, but try to remember to go under instead of over the final outcome looks so much more appealing! )
2. Once reaching opposite side tie with an elastic into a low pony tail.
3. Use the elixir oil (making dry ends look healthy) and do a fishtail braid using only 2 STRANDS.
4. Keep feeding front from back side to opposite side.
(Hint: keep your sections small to make look more intricate)
5. Add a fabulous fedora!