NBR - Natural Beaded Row Extensions

I have been trying to grow my hair long for the past 10 years. I kid you not! I adore my 3 kids, but I have to admit, they RUINED my hair. Ever since pregnancy and birth, my hair has never been then same. No matter what vitamin I take, or shampoo I use, my hair grows to a certain point and then STOPS. Don't we all dream about having long and thick hair that we can throw up in a messy bun or put in a side braid? Well, I do!! I have been going to Katy at Bloom in Morristown for over 5 years and she is truly THE BEST! (She listens to my constant complaining about the length of my hair...and puts up with it!) So, when she told me she was going out to LA for a course on NBR - Natural Beaded Row Extensions, I immediately jumped on board, and was so excited to try it out!

FINALLY! Get the most natural, light weight & comfortable extensions you’ve ever had. Natural Beaded Rows was founded by the queen Danielle K, White herself. After struggling to find the perfect hair method for her own hair, 15 years later she’s sharing her knowledge!

Here are some details on the product and salon experience:

1) There is NO Glue or Tape involved so the removal process is quick and simple! 

2) For those of you that have gotten extensions done in the past, with NBR you’ll be in and our of the salon in 3 hours.

3) NBR Hair Extensions do less damage, hide better and won’t slip out!

4) The technique is 100% unique and crafted from years of experience and diligent searching to find the most exclusive and best extension method on the market.

5) Minimal contact means less damage.

6) Beads are the only thing attached do your hair which are threaded on and balanced with a strong cotton string.

7) The wefts are customized to your hair texture & hair color to give the most seamless blend.


1) Refreshen & tighten every 6-8 weeks according to your hair texture.

2) Hair investment lasts 6 months then after that time period new hair must be purchased. 

3) Shampoo your hair with sulfate free shampoo.

4) Wet brush will be your new best friend (great for any tangles)!

5) Braid or low ponytail while you sleep. 

Get the hair you have always dreamed of! Follow @katykavhair for the link to apply 

So, NBR extensions are AMAZING! The color of the hair perfectly matched my own, and is truly light as a feather! And the best thing about this product (besides having long and gorgeous locks) is that it won't damage my own hair!!! Contact Katy at Bloom Morristown to make your appointment (973-292-3377)!!

All blog photography by Monika de Myer Photography

Hair by Katy at Bloom Morristown

Makeup by Aline at Bloom Morristown